‘Castlevania Bloodlines’ names translation

This week, we are going to know some curiosities of character names of ‘Castlevania: the next generation’, European version of ‘Castlevania: Bloodlines‘ from Sega Megadrive and its translation from Japanese to English language. In this version, the gamer can select between two main characters: John Morris and Eric Lecarde, the best couple of all ‘Castlevania’ games. The first character is the son of Quincey  Morris from Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’, and his childhood friend, Eric Lecarde, or rather his boyfriend, from Spanish city of Segovia, and the second character to select. The principal question is focused on the surname  Lecarde is not Spanish, maybe it is a French surname. So what happened during the process of translation? Well, now we should find Eric Lecarde’s original name in Japanese language, and its romanization.

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